Soldier Boy

Steven Burton
by Steven Burton




Soldier Boy
I’ve seen your mother cry.
She’ll never hold you again.
Her heart is broken.

But, life goes on.
And joy returns.
A mother smiles again.
Her heart is healing.

With memories of Love and Life,
She somehow finds the strength to carry on.
Oh, carry on.
Her mind goes back to another day.
When he would turn and smile her way.
Oh, smile her way

So, here she goes again,
Another lonely night.
Without her baby boy,
So much is missing.
But, she is strong.
She is a soldier’s mom.
And she stays the course,
Just like her hero son.

He gave his life that she might live,
Live all her days upon this Land
Oh, upon this Land.
He gave his life that we might live,
Live this precious dream,
Oh, this precious dream.